Dark places…
Posted October 22, 2021 Gary

Sometimes I find myself in a place where I don’t want to be. I expect so much from myself and to be perfect at everything. However, it doesn’t go that way most of the time. Thus, it puts me in a dark place where I over analyze everything I do and just sometimes wish my […]

Life’s choices…
Posted March 3, 2021 Gary

Sometimes you wonder what you want to do with your life. Especially when you are younger and unsure. As you get older you wonder did you make the right decisions? Are you on the path your supposed to be on? Have you strayed from what’s important to YOU? These are things that I wonder all […]

The long nights..
Posted January 17, 2021 Gary

Sometimes I find my self trying to sleep.. Trying to stop thinking.. Trying to not pick up my phone and search on social media or Google something or even look at what the next move for me is. I do this from time to time and wish it would just stop. But then I feel […]